Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Welcoming Ron-Ron

The other night I was driving home from a Jazz game with my buddy John when we started debating who was crazier: Dennis Rodman or Ron Artest.  Rodman's NBA career was legendary in the "crazy" department, for his hair alone.  But there was always the suspicion that he was just playing a role for attention.

Now, Artest on the other hand...well, let's just say that if I were a betting man, I'd put my crazy money on the guy who charged into the stands to throw down with drunk Detroit Piston fans.

On to my point...

Turns out that the Lakers' newest boxer-clad shooting guard has a blog.  When I learned this, I immediately added it to my roll, just on the slightest chance that it may feature a quote like this:

(referenced by Basketbawful after a recent game against the Houston Rockets)

"Well what happened was…obviously I didn't know his shoe would come off that's the first thing conservative reporters. I didn't know his shoe was gonna come off. I don't speak to his feet so I don't know what his feet are thinking, I don't know what his toes are thinking, I don't know what he’s thinking. Then his shoe comes off and I'm like okay a shoe is not supposed to be on the basketball court without somebody standing inside of it. So I said alright, I'm just gonna buy me some time. I really didn't know whose shoe it was, but I said it has to be one of the player's shoe. As soon as I toss it off the court, not throw into the stands which some people said, it'll buy me some time. What happens is I come back down, Trevor is trying to put his shoe on and I politely hit a three in his face."

Wow.  If that's any indicator of things to come, then I am thrilled for the future.  Let the good times roll.