Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mosquito Vision

Imaginary Interviewer Person: So I hear you're starting up a new blog.

The Professor: Yeah.  It's going to be a photo blog.  I call it "Mosquito Vision."

IIP: A photo blog?

The Professor: Yep.  I'll mostly use it to display my recent work, but I'll also be able to include funny captions to create clever photo essays and stuff.  I want it to be more than just a gallery.

IIP: So it's going to have a specific theme, instead of wandering aimlessly from topic to topic like some blogs I know?

The Professor: Yeah.

IIP: Didn't you already try that?

The Professor: Kind of.

IIP: What happened to those blogs?

The Professor: Well, they're still out there.  Technically.

IIP: So why is this new one going to work when the others didn't?

The Professor: Well, this one is going to be specifically associated with my photo business, so I imagine there will be more consistent opportunity for updates and such.  Plus I can't display all my pictures on my business site, and I want them to get more exposure than just sticking them on my Facebook page, so a photo blog seemed like a nice compromise.

IIP: That's marvelous.  I'm sure you're going to be a striking success.

The Professor: Thank you.

IIP: Really.  I mean, someone as talented and good-looking as you are...well, how could you possibly lose?

The Professor: Are you being sarcastic?

IIP: You tell me.  You're the one trying to pimp a new blog in the third person.

The Professor: True.  Then I guess you're not being sarcastic.

IIP: Whatever.  Anything else you want to tell us about the blog?

The Professor: Well, it's a work in progress, so it will probably evolve a bit over time.  I've been busy with a lot of stuff lately, so it's not exactly where I want it yet, but I figured it was probably best to just get it out there and let it grow organically.

IIP: This isn't just an excuse to put off grading final portfolios, is it?

The Professor: Not entirely.

IIP: You've been posting to this blog a lot more frequently in recent weeks.  Are you just trying to avoid your real-life responsibilities?

The Professor: Yes.

IIP: Maybe you should get back to them, then.  Final thoughts?

The Professor: Go check out the new blog.  Comment.  Be a follower.  Achieve Nirvana.