Friday, April 17, 2009

"...and look how I turned out?"

Came across an article on the other day that perked my interest. The author seems to think she's committed some mortal sin by letting her young sons watch "Star Wars." I guess they've become rather obsessed with the galaxy far, far away ever since, and she can't fathom why.

I'll tell you's because she's never been a six-year-old boy.

I can understand why a parent might get annoyed with the commercial bludgeoning that comes with the Star Wars Phenomenon, but the author also recounts a conversation she has with a psychologist who basically tells her she's putting her kids on a path to oblivion by exposing them to excessive violent images.

Star Wars? Seriously? Do these people have any idea what else those kids could be watching? I'm guessing most parents would count themselves lucky if Star Wars was the worst of their children's pop culture fixations.