Monday, April 13, 2009

"Looks like we've made it..."

The well-oiled machine of Apartment 204 is picking up speed...

A week ago the posse (minus Dave, who is still at Second City) gathered at Chidsey's place to pay homage to the great green screen in the sky and shoot the follow-up to "Livin' in the 801." Can't give too much away, but the newest offering will have a hint of the "Dark Knight" to it, along with some absolutely fabulous hairpieces. Should be up and running before too long ("too long" meaning anywhere between a week and six months or so, depending on how far the Jazz go in the playoffs and if our raw footage gets abducted by alien videophiles).

In the meantime, "Livin' in the 801" has continued to rack up hits on YouTube, over 22,000 at the last count. Even better, we're getting lots and lots of offensive comments, which is always a good sign for any online offering. You know you've made it when people start going out of their way to tell you how much they hate you.

More importantly, as of last weekend we have also seemed to pick up a rather unexpected following. Apparently Trails, one of the Salt Lake Valley's finer strip-club establishments, has gotten into the habit of running our clip on one of its video boards. I'm not sure if this means the employees are performing to the song or if it is merely background enhancement, but either way, Trails' owner has offered the services of his cast for any of our future video shoots, free of charge.

(Pause to digest last item...)

Yeah, so things are looking up for Apartment 204! If you get a chance, take another look at the clip, and go join the Facebook fan page. Before long we should have bio's on our homepage, along with a special homage clip to all our haters.