Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It's a Turkey BOWL, not a Turkey CUP

You know, my grandmother grew up in Woods Cross, and it's really depressing for her to see Bountiful Jr. High and Davis High School, because the schools she attended have been remodeled and updated as to be completely unrecognizable to her. To say nothing of the housing developments that have been moving out towards the Great Salt Lake and up over the mountain side on the new "Davis County East Bench".

Then again, she is 87 years old. You have to expect some of the familiar stuff to drop by the wayside in that time.

But I'm starting to feel the same way, and I'm only 31. Now, not only am I losing favorite restaurants like Manuel's, favorite beef jerky outlets like Bob Kellersburger's, and even favorite radio stations (like when Z-93 switched to K-BULL), but this afternoon I got this text:

"Football turkey bowls are lame & cliche. Soccer turkey bowls are cool & improve your self-esteem! We r thinking 8a on Thurs."

This comes 24 hours after finding out that one of my most longtime faithful football-playing cohorts is playing ULTIMATE FRISBEE on Thursday instead.

The horror...

Here was my response to the soccer text (I didn't bother replying to the ultimate one):

"People who play soccer on american holidays should be deported after confessing to their bishops."

You're killing me people...you're absolutely killing me.