Friday, November 02, 2007

Fun with gravity!

When I dislocated my finger last summer playing volleyball, the physical therapy people gave me this green playdough stuff to squeeze. Either they thought this was funny, or they figured that if I did it enough I'd strengthen my finger.

Whenever I got done with one of my squeeze sessions, I'd wad up the ball and stick it back in its little plastic container. The next day I'd notice that it had gradually melted from ball shape into the shape of the container. Apparently the consistency of this stuff makes it maleable, but still subject to the laws of gravity.

So I started to wonder what would happen if I stuck the ball in random places around my house, then let gravity do its work. This proved to be much more interesting than actually exercising with the stuff. The results reminded me of the sliming escapades of the Canadian mid-80's Nickelodeon classic "You Can't Do that On Television".

Here's what happened after I stuck it on my bed post:

...and on my dresser:

...on my entertainment center:

...and on my towel rack:

It did this when I stuck it to the top of my USU stress ball:

...and here's what it did to a bottle of Stewart's Lime:

I also stuck it on top of my Indonesian CD rack:

...this little lamp thing in my living room:

...and my Dick Cavett DVD set:

The coolest results came from my Easter Island tissue box:

...the little souvenir Buddah I bought in San Francisco: Lord of the Rings bookend:

...and the photo of Joseph Heller over my toilet:

Was I hard up for ideas for blog posts? You bet!