Thursday, September 28, 2006

More weirdness from YouTube...


Ok, highlights from what has to be one of the strangest clips I've seen so far on YouTube (and that's saying a lot--David Hasselhoff alone deserves his own spinoff site).

Kudos to Mike Bohman for bringing this little fellow into my life.

1. The footage is too grainy to tell for sure (perhaps this is a good thing), but I can't tell if this is a little kid or an Indian version of Gary Coleman. Either way, the little dude can dance, and the perma grin and those sparkling whites are priceless.

2. While the obvious focus is the little dude, don't miss the other dudes grooving along with him.

3. In the middle of your hypnotic trance, the mother figure comes out of nowhere and shuffles everyone off like they're tormenting a cat or something--and the dad hides his smoke.

4. My favorite part: the first time the camera switches to the side angle, the dancer is moving in slow-motion...or so we think. Suddenly he speeds up his groove, and you realize the kid was deliberately dancing in slow-motion, and the camera had nothing to do with it.

5. Most tragic/comic moment: while you're still shaking your head from the dance, the kid comes back out and starts telling the dad how it is. Defeated, the guy relinquishes his smoke to the kid, who takes a drag like he's in a Marlboro commercial, and the clip ends suddenly. What the--?

I can only imagine the original context of this clip. Or maybe that would kill the enigmatic quality that makes it so, so...

I'm sorry. I still don't know what to make of this thing.