Monday, September 17, 2007

Origin of the Species

I was thinking the other minute, "hey, maybe one of my five readers might be interested in seeing the clip that inspired the name of my blog."

Then I thought, "nah, I'm sure they probably already know."

Then I thought some more, and said, "it still might make for a good post" to no one in particular.

Then I thought, "I'd better be careful. It's 1:30am, and in my current state of mind I'm liable to post something really stupid and embarassing."

Then I sat silently at my computer for a few seconds, watching my bootleg "Wonder Years" episodes continue to transfer onto my desktop from my roommate's external hard drive.

Then I thought, "will my readers justify my having bootleg 'Wonder Years' episodes with the understanding that since the DVD release of the series will likely be held up for several years due to soundtrack copyright issues, the only way to see the old shows is through the ABC Family Channel bootlegs?"

Then I thought, "oh yeah, this post is supposed to be about the wounded mosquito title", and I figured I'd better patch in the "embed" code and get this post online.