Thursday, November 19, 2009


Morning, campers.  Today I am making a special guest appearance elsewhere in the vast series of tubes known as the Internet.  My friend Holly, distinguished author of the award-winning blog "if i were really skinny..." asked me to write a guest piece as part of a series on Thanksgiving.  I obliged.

You should check it out, then read some of her posts.  They're quite good; plus Holly has a much more refined sense of style than I do.  If I ever decide to go shopping for clothes again, I will probably ask her advice.

Once you finish browsing her blog, make sure to click the "follow" button on her site so you can officially show your support of quality writer-people.  Then you should come back and click the "follow" button on my site, because chances are you haven't remembered to do that yet (it's just over here on the right).  It's easy, people; fifteen seconds will save you 15% on your car insurance.*


*Not true.  But it will bring good Karma.