Friday, November 06, 2009

Chicks Dig Scars (Hopefully)

As of this week, my all-time stitch tally is twenty-four. Four from banging my chin at the Eccles Ice Arena in Logan, nine more from dislocating and lacerating my right index finger while playing volleyball, and eleven more Wednesday night.

And what was I doing Wednesday night? Playing football. Flag football, to be precise.

About ten minutes after scoring my first touchdown of the 2009 season, I went after an opposing receiver in the flat and wound up taking a football cleat to the chin. Did I make the tackle? Of course I did.

One visit to Lakeview Hospital later, I looked like this:

The pre-suture photos are more graphic (that's the technical term for stitches that my nurse Chelsea kept using), but I won't post them here. Trust me, you should be grateful.

(Photo credit goes to my new friend Kyle, who drove me to the hospital and managed to take a great shot that doesn't give me a double-chin. Just one huge Leno-chin.)