Monday, June 21, 2010

Look out, you rock and rollers...

Last weekend I bought three pairs of ankle socks.

This will come as a shock to people familiar with my notorious stubborn streak, because I don't like ankle socks.  I haven't had any since at least junior high.  It might have something to do with Shawn Kemp.

So why did I finally cave in?  Three reasons:
  1. Everyone at my gym wears ankle socks.
  2. As far as body parts go, my calves aren't so bad.
  3. Dr. Death.
Dr. Death is this guy at my gym who wears black all the time.  Tank top, jeans, military boots.  All black.  He also cusses a lot.

But one day I noticed that Dr. Death wasn't wearing his military boots anymore.  He was wearing high-tops.  Still black.

I didn't ask why he made the change.  I've never had a conversation with Dr. Death.  What was important was that he had MADE the change.

Dr. Death can change.

People can change.

I can change.

Rocky was right.