Monday, July 13, 2009

The Zen of Josh: Philosophy #51

Never Park in Another Man's Driveway...

Of course, this axiom also applies on the female side. I wouldn't want to suggest that there was any kind of a double-standard going on. Or worse, that in our advanced and enlightened times, women are still unable to legally possess their own driveways. It's just that "Never Park in Another Man's Driveway" sounds a lot sharper than "Never Park in Another Man or Woman's Driveway," and more assertive than "Never Park in Another Person's Driveway," so I just kind of figured that the gender equality of the philosophy would be implied.

The point is that when you visit another person's house, just park on the street. People who park in other people's driveways inevitably block someone in who is trying to leave, or block someone out who is trying to get in, and there are few things that annoy me more than arriving at my driveway to find that some mystery vehicle has camped out in my path. A man's driveway is sacred, as is his rhubarb. Just ask Jack Nicholson. He's the one who inspired this comment in the first place.