Friday, July 14, 2006

Wrapping up the week...T-Style

This morning I arrived to work with a message in my Yahoo inbox from my old friend Randy. Said message referenced a Yahoo news article that announced Mr. T's recent decision to go "sans-chains" in light of the Hurricane Katrina tragedy.

Props to Clubber Lang; the best part of the article is reading it out-loud, "T-Style".

This would be a golden opportunity to wax nostalgic on the road trip Randy and I took to Yellowstone eleven years ago, when he and my other buddy Breto quoted Mr. T's "Be Somebody or Be Somebody's Fool" self-help video for seven straight days, when I got pulled over for speeding in Afton, Wyoming for trying to race a '94 Buick with my '83 Accord, and when my aforementioned friends turned my early-morning whiz off the side of a mountain into a convenient photo-op.

But I'm too tired for that. It's nearly 4pm on a Friday.

I'll just leave you this instead...