Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Two For the Road

Just finished watching this week's new "Lost" episode. I still think the producers whacked Ana Lucia and Libby for their DUI's, regardless of the official press statement. It's just a little too coincidental, even for the "Lost" universe. Seriously, why would they name the episode they were shot in after an obvious drinking expression?

All behind-the-scenes controversy aside, though, this season just keeps getting better. I'm wondering how they're going to leave enough unanswered to provide enough material for Season Three. Each episode is unfolding more and more of the mystery, and I'm praying they don't pull an "X-Files" and drag the main story arc out so long that the thing collapses under it's own uninteresting weight. "X-Files" should have wrapped up after six seasons, and "Lost" should probably pull the plug after three. In fact, I think a cliffhanger for season three and a lead-in to a feature film/final episode would be the best way to go. If "MI:3" is any indicator, Mr. Abrams is more than up to the task.